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Stanley Wakefield West Yorkshire WF3 4AD

White, Magpie, Chocolate and mixed  call ducklings available from April 2015,  from  £ 7.50 each

Cayuga, Karkie Campbell, Cherry valley/Karkie


Bantam Cuckoo Maran chicks - when POL will lay small dark brown eggs

Serama cross Dutch Bantam and Pure Dutch bantam chicks from £4.50 each

Pure Serama chicks prices from £7.50

Pure Serama- chicks from £7.50 each

Lakeville own breed - I have combined White Star and White Leghorn breeds with the Cream Legbar Cockerel to produce a hen that should lay a blue or blue green large eggs                                 
Silver Laced Wyanodotte Chicks
Chicks and Ducklings available from all of my Fertile hatching eggs, please see full list on fertile hatching egg page