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Stanley Wakefield West Yorkshire WF3 4AD

Chicks from all my breeding stock available most of the year round from £ 3.50 each please see the Ducklings and Chick page

Pekin Frizzel, beautful birds childrens favourites as can be hand tamed, smooth feathered available too.  Chicks upto adults for sale

Pure Serama Malaysian minature chickens prices from £7.50 for newborns ( please pre order).

  Breeding stock ring'd and registered with Poultry Club UK  please ask for details

Quail Sand and Brown adults and chicks 
Other mixed colours and quail breeds available to order

Japanese Bantam pairs
Serama pairs (male and female)

Several breeds to choose from both Bantam and Full size chickens.  Bluebells, Black Rock, New Hampshire Red, Speckled Rock, Old Sussex Star, Magpie, Nero, Leghorn, ISA brown, Warren, silkie cross, Dutch and Japanese Bantam, Serama, Sumartra, Frizzel Pekin, Quail,
Coming soon Cheshire Blue egg layers, Turkey breeding pairs, Emden Geese, Karkie and Cherry Valley Ducks, Guinea Fowl.